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Cyamodus Jaw - Placodont!
Middle triassic top-rarity!
2.450,00 EUR
Devonian plant Leclerquia
299,00 EUR
Plant slab, lower devonian
Taeniocrada longisporangiata
79,00 EUR
Rhinoceros tooth, pleistocene age
Woolly Rhino - Coelodonta antiquitatis
99,00 EUR
Big sized Medusa, precambrian age!!!
Rare Ediacara fossil!
249,00 EUR
Dinosaur egg of Titanosaur
Nice and interesting - hard to get!
199,00 EUR
Bird egg shell fragments, oligocene age
Rarely offered material! ON HOLD
89,00 EUR
Coelacanth Osteolepis
Museum quality ON HOLD
199,00 EUR
Big slab with lower devonian plants
Taeniocrada longisporangiata
489,00 EUR
Tristichopterus #2
Super rare devonian fish with perfect skull SOLD
Cro Magnon Femur
Thigh bone of an early human
299,00 EUR
Stromatholithes from unusual German location
Permian age (Rotliegendes)
249,00 EUR
Stromatolithes slab permian age, Germany
Rarely offered location!
299,00 EUR
Cave bear skull
3.300,00 EUR
Fish eats fish # 4

Rare aspirations fossil

1.450,00 EUR
Triassic fish - rare opportunity!
Perfectly prepped musuem exhibit! SOLD
Placoderm Cowralepis
Extremely rare fossil from Australia ! SOLD
Show 1 to 20 (of in total 29 products)