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Complete Stegodon Tusk

Complete Stegodon Tusk

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Here we have a right side tusk of Stegodon. The fossil is complete, well preserved and about 1.50 meters long. It was found in pleistocene deposits in Sangiran, Java/Indonesia. The age of this tusk is around 700.000 to 900.000 years. This piece was broken several times but is professional repaired. The location is well known because of its Hominid findings. Fossils from this place are rarely offered.

Some additional informations about Stegodon:

- Stegodon is a kind of Mastodon. Stegodon is probably an ancestor of todays elephants.
- Stegodon is an extinct kind of elephant (lived in the miocene to pleistocene period)
- Owns a long but low body, partial small forms, dwarfgrowth
- Had long nearly straight tusks
- Stegodon is known from African and Southeast Asian areas
- In Sangiran Stegodon was found next to humanoid remainings like Homo Erectus


Complete Stegodon TuskComplete Stegodon TuskComplete Stegodon TuskComplete Stegodon Tusk