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Graptolites nice contrast #4

Graptolites nice contrast #4

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This optical attractive slab comes from the middle silurian (Wenlock) age, it is about 425 mio. years old.

The fossil was found in Weckersdorf, eastern Germany. The stone measures about 18 x 12 x 2 cm.

It contains many differend Graptolites (Monograptus spec.).

Plate is unbroken, no manipulations at all - all is natural just as found.

Graptolites are fossil colonial animals. The name "Graptolite" comes from the Greek "graptos" meaning "written" and "litos" meaning "rock".


Graptolites nice contrast #4Graptolites nice contrast #4Graptolites nice contrast #4Graptolites nice contrast #4