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Horseshoecrab Eichstätt # 1

Horseshoecrab Eichstätt # 1

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This Horseshoecrab (Mesolimulus walchi) comes from the upper jurassic (Malm zeta) of Eichstätt (Solnhofen area). The crab is completely preserved. The quality of fossil and prepping is excellent.

The Mesolimulus measures about 14 x 8 cm. It lies on an unbroken originalslab (about 38 x 32 cm). On the backside of the stone there are two wooden hangings to make it easy hanging the fossil on a wall.



Horseshoecrab Eichstätt # 1Horseshoecrab Eichstätt # 1Horseshoecrab Eichstätt # 1