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Plant slab, lower devonian, Germany

Taeniocrada longisporangiata

149,00 EUR
Stromatholithes from unusual German location
Permian age (Rotliegendes)
249,00 EUR
Stromatolithes slab permian age, Germany
Rarely offered location!
299,00 EUR
Cave bear skull
3.300,00 EUR
Fish eats fish # 4

Rare aspirations fossil

1.450,00 EUR
Triassic fish - rare opportunity!
Perfectly prepped musuem exhibit! SOLD
Placoderm Cowralepis
Extremely rare fossil from Australia ! SOLD
Pachycormus from Holzmaden
Museum piece!
2.649,00 EUR
Fish slab triassic age
Museum piece!
4.999,00 EUR
Atlas vertebra Bison priscus
The preservation of this one is just fantastic! ON HOLD
119,00 EUR
Ichthyosaur rib bone from unusual German location
Affordable fossil - Upper jurassic age
75,00 EUR
Gyroptychius - Coelacanth, Devonian age
Rare fossil fish from Scottland
1.789,00 EUR
Aurochs hoof
Affordable! SOLD
Very early plant - devonian age
Highly interesting museum piece!
389,00 EUR
Hyena jaw with three teeth
Extinct species Hyaenodon
349,00 EUR
Two big sized molars of Wooly Rhinoceros
Coelodonta antiquitatis - two teeth from the same individual
225,00 EUR
Horse skull - pleistocene age
Perfectly preserved and scientifically interesting museum item!
980,00 EUR
Show 1 to 20 (of in total 24 products)