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Triassic fish unprepped

Triassic fish unprepped

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This unprepped and undetermined fish comes from the Upper Triassic (Noricum, about 220 million years old) of Wiestal trout at Hallein near Salzburg in Austria.

The stone was broken and has been glued. It measures about 20 x 12 x 9 cm.

Discoveries of fossil fishes from the Triassic are great rarities. Salzburg was lucky to have a interesting location for triassic fishes in the near Hallein Wiestal. The quality of these fishes is unique and of international importance. The fossil-bearing material was mined for several decades. From bituminous rock (main dolomite) rock oil was recovered. Even the Romans used these stones before 1500 years for floor mosaics.

Rarely offered fossil from extinct location.

Triassic fish unpreppedTriassic fish unpreppedTriassic fish unprepped